In pious memory of Leonard Camps

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Our good Lei, born in Horst 10 May 1889, has passed away from us. He was a well-known village type. There was no ceremony or he was there. Whether it was a Church feast or a civil one, a feast of the elderly or of the young, he was there. Even at the “ball throwing” on the first Sunday of Lent, when the newlyweds treated the children, Lei was present and he found this very common. Spiritually, he has always remained a child. He had the carefreeness of a child, he enjoyed life as a child, he believed in God as a child as he had learned it from his father and mother, he prayed in all simplicity like a child, who knows no problems. He also had the cures of a child, which could be tricky. A child’s hand is soon filled, with a little something one could really make him happy. Children like to play adult human. He liked to play traffic control at all kinds of ceremonies and his broad gestures were accepted and followed with laughter by young and old. And he could not be denied any talent in this regard. An adult, grey-haired and still a child. There’s something typical and something comical about it. This is how his appearance was felt. He was “wanted” by the people. He was no doubt also wanted by God, who looks down on the children with great pleasure. Did not Jesus say, if you do not become like these little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven? And doesn’t God have a special preference for the small? Lei has arrived well with our Father in Heaven. He was prepared by the Blessed Sacraments of the Church. The day of his passing was June 20, 1966.

He rested in peace