Goose BLOX

Did you know that Open Air Museum De Locht is the first museum in the world that has been recreated in Roblox?

GanzenBLOX is a mix of the old-fashioned goose plate and the contemporary Roblox. This interactive board game takes you on a journey of discovery in open-air museum de Locht.

The game consists of three parts:

  • A quiz with which visitors go on a treasure hunt in Roblox;
  • The GooseBLOX board game, a mix of the well-known goose board and the contemporary Roblox;
  • And the entire Open Air Museum de Locht reconstructed in Roblox, to be visited whenever you want.

GanzenBLOX is played with 2-6 players. In the past, a family often had 10 or more children. Do you play with the whole class or with a large family? Then divide the group into 2 to 6 families.

GanzenBLOX is a concept by Saartje Hoogland, In de Gymzaal, Sebastiaan Brussee Producties and Ankie Rutten and was commissioned by Cultuurpad, Lokaal C and Openluchtmuseum de Locht.