The secret of the blacksmith

When you walk through the crafts street in our museum you can sometimes hear the sound of iron on iron. Then our blacksmiths are at work in the forge. With a bellows, the blacksmith lights the coal-fired fire until the iron is red-hot (800 degrees). Each time he can then work the iron on the anvil with a blacksmith’s hammer until it finally has the desired shape.

In the past, every village had a blacksmith, he had prestige, was an important person in the community. He made the tools the farmer needed such as ploughs, shovels and hoes. Forging is one of the oldest crafts. In the course of the 20th century, the profession almost completely disappeared. The work has been taken over by industrial machines. Only the farrier survived thanks to the rise of the riding horse.

In open air museum de Locht we reveal the secret of the blacksmith. On the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month you can see with us how the blacksmith practices his craft. In the spring there is a “Great Blacksmith’s Day”. Blacksmiths from all over the country come to the museum to show their craftsmanship to the public.

Interested in a fun leisure activity? We are looking for volunteers who want to learn the trade of blacksmith. You can register via