Hunter vs Bargain Hunter

We hunt for bargains and prosperity. For the future of our children, we should live more as a hunter, in harmony with our environment.

Our predecessors, hunters, lived on what nature gave them on their journeys through the landscape, such as berries, honey, nuts, insects and other small animals. Hunters became farmers, giving them permanent residences. They surrounded themselves with crops and animals to live on. This is how our predecessors lived for many centuries, in harmony with nature.

Already 200 years ago, farmers tried to increase production. This development gained momentum with the introduction of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. Increasing growth of consumption in an increasingly prosperous world was the new perspective.

Only in the seventies of the last century did people realize that there are limits to growth, in increasing the world population, industrialization, food production, depletion of raw materials and environmental pollution. The hunters and farmers of yesteryear have often become consumers. We want more and more…

More and more we are now becoming convinced that our consumer behaviour must change. No bargain hunting, just buying what we really need and what is made with respect for people and the environment. Only in this way can we guarantee the future of all of us.

In this exhibition we try to depict the development of self-sufficiency into a conscious consumer.