Creative, critical and colourful: welcome to the 70s!

Also in the countryside of North Limburg a lot changes in the 70s, although that often happens a bit later than in the city. Young people are increasingly choosing their own path. They tangle together around their mopeds and in the youth meeting place.

Freedom and happiness is the motto. In the interior you see a mix of styles. The elderly remain loyal to their solid oak furniture from Oisterwijk, but add new accessories.

The youth chooses a lot of color in the interior and mixes second-hand furniture with creative finds. In the evening they sit in front of the tube or listen to the latest pop music in their own room.

The appearance also changes. Young people have long hair and wear short skirts, jeans with t-shirts, wide-leg trousers, wide collars but also long skirts and Afghan coats. We are critical and often take to the streets to demonstrate.

Come and have a look and imagine yourself in the creative, critical and colorful 70s.