Sometimes a visit to our museum brings back memories of a distant past. For example, we received a story from a man who once stayed in the farm where the museum is now located.

During the Second World War I was about 9 years old. We lived in Asten-Heusden, where father was a blacksmith. We were chased out of the house by the Germans. Mother with 7 children left first. My oldest brother and sister later because they would clean up some explosives, which were on the road. Before they could follow us, they were freed.

We first, with the entire population of Helenaveen, ended up with the fathers, in what is now Mariapeel. From there, my brother, who turned 16, was taken to Germany. Then we fled further and ended up with Aunt Nel. She lived in the house, which is now the museum in Melderslo. We are still grateful to her for her help.

The story was shortened because I just wanted to show my gratitude.

Footnote: At the time, Sef Gubbels lived with his family in the farm at Koppertweg 5 in Melderslo. After taking over, this “Streekboerderijmuseum de Locht”, now transformed into Open Air Museum de Locht. Above is a picture of the farm before the restoration to streekmuseum.