Open-air museum de Locht is open again. We welcome you as usual!
But with some new ways of doing things:

The following guidelines apply from the government and the RIVM in relation to the corona situation in the Netherlands. The museum follows these guidelines and asks visitors to agree to these guidelines when booking a ticket.

Measures in the case of health problems

With the following complaints you will not get access to the museum:

  • Do you have colds, such as nose cold, runny nose, sore throat, mild cough or increase (up to 38 degrees Celsius)? Stay home!
  • Do you have colds and fever (above 38 degrees Celsius) and/or stuffiness? Stay at home, and that also applies to roommates.

Hygiene measures

  1. Wash your hands after contact in places where others have been.
    • 20 seconds with soap and water, then hands dry well with paper towel or blower. Then dispose of paper in a lockable bin.
    • Before you go out, when you come home, when you’ve snotted your nose, before dinner, and after you’ve been to the bathroom.
  2. Coughs and sneezes in the inside of your elbow.
  3. Use paper handkerchiefs to blow your nose and then throw them away in a lockable bin.
  4. Then wash your hands.
  5. Don’t shake hands.
  6. Keep 1.5 meters away from others.
  7. Please wear a mask, this is mandatory!

Open-air museum de Locht reserves the right to supplement or adapt these rules for safe visits, for example if government guidelines give rise to this.

Other conditions

Open-air museum de Locht is a member of the Museum Association and follows the usual guidelines and regulations for museums.