Making a jester on a stick

Making a jester on a stick 21 January

Carnival falls early this year. That is why we will pay attention to it in our children’s activity on Sunday 21 January. We’re going to make a carnival craft. No, not a mask this year, but something completely different, a jester on a stick.

The court jester used to be a person who had to entertain the noblemen with drama and singing. Nowadays he only plays a role during the carnival days. He assists Prince Carnival. They have fun together.

We are going to make a jester out of pieces of leather, beads and a stick. No idea how to get started? Difficult? Well, no, our experienced volunteers are happy to help you on your way. I’m sure you’ll take home a very nice jester. Come to the Locht and do crafts with us.

Time: 13:30-16:00