Making a bird surprise

Making a bird surprise 18 February

Isn’t it nice those birds in the garden. We are going to help them through the winter. Of course, we prefer to feed all year round, also out of self-interest, to be able to enjoy the cheerfully twittering creatures as much as possible. We’re going to spoil them, surprise them.

In this cold period, birds use a lot of energy to keep themselves at the right temperature. In winter, they find few insects, berries and seeds, especially when it freezes or snows. They also come closer to your house more quickly, so you can see them up close.

Food scraps such as cheese crusts and bread are not as suitable as food, they contain too much salt. Pieces of apple are good. Fat and seeds are a source of energy. We make a surprise that you can hang. Find a nice spot so they can easily reach it. What a feast they will have.

Will you come and make such a bird surprise with us? Have fun spoiling the birds!

Activity from 13:30-16:00.