Forging Day

Forging Day 21 April

It’s that time again! Our annual Blacksmith Day. About twenty blacksmiths, in-house and guest blacksmiths from the region, will be showcasing their skills today. The forge fires are burning. In our museum we tell you about life in the countryside. The blacksmith played an important role in that community: no village without a blacksmith!

He made the tools for the farmer: plough, hoe or spade, repaired stoves and household items or shoeed the horse. Until the middleof the 20th century, each town had its own forge. Nowadays everything is made in a factory, blacksmithing has become a hobby. Fortunately, a lot of knowledge has been retained.

Today you can see a lot of that old craftsmanship with us. For example, putting an iron band around a wheel. First bend the tire or make it shorter, then let it glow in the fire, put it around the wheel and cool quickly with water. Spectacular! And very diverse pieces of work made by the blacksmiths, utensils and art.

The children have also been thought of. They may burn an image on a wooden plate with a branding iron, or make a name plate with striking letters. For the enthusiasts: there is an antique Lanz tractor on display and you can admire some antique stationary engines. In short, very interesting, this Blacksmith’s Day. Come and have a look!