Performances Flink Jeugdtoneel

This weekend, Flink Jeugdtoneel will play two different performances in the museum. The performances are performed a few times.
These days the normal entrance fees for the museum apply. Because the capacity is limited, you can reserve seats (free of charge) in advance for the performances of your choice via this link.

Youngest group: Nothing is what it seems
Our story starts on a perfectly normal school day, on the way to a very boring school trip, with a rather chaotic teacher and a not so exciting story. Or at least, that’s what the children of this primary school thought. This farm turns out to have an old secret that lurks deep in the basement. Is it a bad guy? A villain? A ghost? A mummy? Can you figure out what it is? And above all, who is the culprit? Make sure you take a good look around you, because as you will notice. Nothing is as it seems.
Director: Kyara Verbunt

Oldest group: So that’s how it goes…..!
Family life…. If you have teenagers in the house, these performances are sure to amuse you. And probably also a feast of recognition. Together with the actors, we put this performance together. We have a fantastic location, Museum de Locht. Here it quickly becomes clear that it is a mix of 70s and 80s décor, with modern music choices from the players and family situations that are timeless. Be surprised and immersed!
Iris van Ingen-Schenau