Medieval weekend

On 8 and 9 July, The Locht Open Air Museum is all about the Middle Ages. Let yourself be carried back in time. Take a look at our medieval farmhouse or the tented camp where we give you a presentation of daily life in the Middle Ages. History comes alive here, experience the past.

Artisans are at work. They braid baskets, forge tools and work leather or flax. There are demonstrations of wood carving, spinning and weaving. The duo “Ontfanck Gheselle” provides appropriately cheerful music. All participants are in traditional costumes from that time. In the medieval farmhouse we make potage, a dish from that time. Taste it!

Medieval wedding
The highlight of both days is the historic medieval wedding. How did that go at the time? You can witness it, the bridal procession, the wedding ceremony and the reception. A spectacular ceremony, which starts both days at 11.00. How is the bride dressed? What gifts does the bride and groom receive?

For children
There is also plenty to do for children. You can fully enjoy together during these atmospheric days. They can watch puppet show or write with a feather and homemade ink. They are allowed to chop wood and there is a storyteller. Exciting! And how about making candles?

Walk around and look everywhere. Join the activities. It’s fun and educational. You won’t get bored.