Making Kroedwis

Until the middle of the last century, on August 15, Assumption, the bundles of herbs, “kroedwissen”, were blessed in the church. These would protect against evil spirits and other calamities, such as lightning strikes, but also against head and throat pains. They hung a bunch above the stable or house door and used the other herbs on occasion.

Originally it is a pagan custom, but as often, it fits into Christian culture. August is the month in which most herbs bloom, which is why a “kroedwis” was made precisely at that time. The bouquet was composed of 7 different herbs, flowers, fruits and ears of corn. The composition could differ from place or even from family.

In Open Air Museum de Locht we try to keep the past alive. That is why we are going to make a kroedwis with children. They receive expert guidance and can put together the bundle entirely to their own taste. We put a ribbon or string on it. Hang it at home! Does it work…? Try it.