Harvest day

Traditionally, harvesting took place in August. How did that work in the past, harvesting? And what were they going to harvest? We show it all today, through large photo images and especially in practice. For what and how do you use a threshing flail, a wan mill? Chopping straw? Soon you will know it all.

There is a lot of activity in the museum today. On the large lawn, old tractors and various machinery steal the show. The farrier steams a horse. Why is that horse running laps? Taste a pancake made of buckwheat flour. In the amphitheatre there are market stalls with all kinds of local products and homegrown vegetables. Craftsmen are at work everywhere. There is cheerful music.

It used to be toil, a lot of hard work. First waiting for favorable weather conditions and then working with all our might to get the harvest on time. But also a pleasant affair. During the break, you can eat the bread and drink coffee together on the field.

Return for a moment to those days of the past, the sounds, the smells. It is also fun with us today. And there is plenty to do. It is very worthwhile to visit the museum on this Harvest Day. Very nice for children, educational in addition. They don’t have to be bored, a real family outing.