Auction clock

Everyone can experience how the auctioning of vegetables and flowers works with our authentic auction clock from 1908. We briefly explain the operation of the auction clock and its history. Then everyone can participate and playfully get acquainted with the auctioning. The best “buyers” can win snack vegetables as a snack!

Then we proceed to the serious work and we really auction vegetables and flowers, which are grown at De Locht. This against cash payment and a reasonable price, which depends on supply and demand. After all, they come together at the auction. The auction is fun for parents and children.
The supply of vegetables and flowers depends on the season. Currently we have snack cucumbers, cucumbers, cabbage lettuce, various types of tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, fennel and bunches of gerberas.

In open air museum de Locht there is a beautiful auction clock in the Asparagus Pavilion, a gift from the ZON auction. This clock was built in 1908. The clock replaced a so-called acoustic auction, where the price of the item was mentioned from high to low. With the one who first called “my”, the sale was closed. The clock (the hand runs along the prices from high to low) was seen as a fairer method. Instead of shouting “my”, one can press a button. Whoever prints first pays the price the clock.